Welcome to St Ursula’s E-ACT academy. It is a privilege to be the Headteacher of this fantastic school for the past 2 years. We are situated in Westbury-On-Trym, in a new purpose built facility that boasts a large playing field and wooded area. The academy is a real community with staff, children and parents all working closely together. 

In March 2020 Ofsted inspected the academy and reported that it had improved on its previous ‘Good’ to ‘Good with Outstanding features’ most notably in the Personal Development and Welfare of the children.

‘Pupils love coming to school. Their high attendance reflects this. Leaders have created a calm and caring environment. Staff go the extra mile to make sure pupils feel safe in school and are in the right frame of mind to learn. Pupils behave well in lesson s and around the school. They are keen to meet the school’s high expectations of their behaviour. Pupils present themselves and their work with pride.’  


We pride ourselves on our curriculum which we have been developing for 2 years. It focusses around 5 key pillars which are as follows:

  • knowledge and vocabulary rich
  • improving long term memory
  • Clear progression
  • Disciplinary progression
  • Critical thinking

we want the children to know that the smallest voice can make the biggest change. We want the children to become accustomed to asking questions as change and evolution does not happen by doing what ahs always been done. We want the children to not be lead by national, or media induced stereotypes and to form their own perspective of the knowledge we give . The purpose of this is to inspire the children to make positive contributions to their community through carefully planned career centred activities.

We are part of the E-ACT multi-academy trust. We work very closely with five other E-ACT schools in Bristol and this has helped enormously to develop teaching standards in our academy. There is a wealth of expertise to tap into and our Regional Education Director, Sarah Flannigan, discusses school improvement with all six schools on a weekly basis.

St Ursula’s is a safe and nurturing academy. We take all aspects of safeguarding extremely seriously. Our most recent Ofsted inspection reported that –

A culture of ensuring the safeguarding and welfare of pupils is of utmost importance to the school. Staff have secure knowledge and receive regularly updated training which helps them to identify and report concerns.’

We offer wrap around care to parents and carers with our breakfast and after school provision with no waiting lists. There is a wide selection of after school clubs for pupils to further their interests in sport, arts and other curriculum areas.

Our pupils achieve results significantly above national averages in all subjects across all year groups. We embrace the challenge of maintaining these standards and we are always looking for innovative ways to ignite the pupils’ interests. Children here love learning and leave us more than ready for the next part of their academic journey.

‘Leaders and staff provide very strong pastoral support for pupils. They help pupils to be ready to learn, particularly those who may find school difficult at times. From the first minute of the school day to the last, adults are on hand to help. Leaders provide an array of extra-curricular activities for all pupils, including disadvantaged pupils, to enjoy. The pupil ambassador group represent the school with pride. They work closely with school leaders to help make improvements.’

I look forward to meeting you and seeing your child begin their school life at St Ursula’s.

Jon Arthur

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