St Ursula’s Curriculum Statement


  • To provide the children of St Ursula’s with a broad, balanced curriculum that has been designed to ensure comprehensive coverage of national expectations. Throughout a child’s learning journey in our school all National Curriculum expectations will be covered.
  • Our curriculum will inspire learning both inside and outside of the classroom and promotes our belief that all children are lifelong learners who ask questions, are independent learners and collaborate well.
  • To ensure the E-ACT values of ‘thinking big’, ‘doing the right thing’ and ‘team spirit’ underpin all that we do in developing and implementing our curriculum.
  • To remove any barriers to learning to enable all pupils to reach their potential, no matter their starting point.
  • To teach the curriculum in such a way that makes the learning meaningful for children, allowing for problem-solving across all subjects and real-world application to the learning process.
  • To meticulously teach and plan for progression of skills and knowledge throughout the foundation subjects that will prepare the children for a wide range of further education, courses and jobs in their later life.
  • We personalise the curriculum to the broad range of pupils in the schools developing and mastering a range of high level skills to suit our school’s high starting points.
  • We work with the community to offer a range of high quality learning experiences, such as an inter-generational project with the early years.


  • We design the subject curriculum so that it allows pupils to retain, recall and apply key knowledge effectively and fluently. We do this through the use of knowledge organisers for science and topic maps for foundation subjects.
  • The curriculum is delivered through termly topics which either have a history or geography focus and where appropriate, interwoven with art and DT. This provides a rich assortment of exciting and motivating learning activities. Maths, writing, reading, music, science, PE and PSHE are all taught discretely with PE being taught by specialist coaches. The PSHE curriculum is delivered through the Jigsaw scheme.
  • We ensure that learning is sequenced so that new knowledge and skills build on what has been taught before and pupils work towards ambitious and challenging end-points.
  • We plan high quality sequences of learning with clear objectives and success criteria which help pupils to understand important ideas, concepts and procedures. Teachers plan individual lessons which are clearly designed to support the teaching sequence, address any misconceptions and gaps in pupils’ learning. We use efficient and effective approaches to assessment which enable our teachers to check pupils’ learning and take prompt action as needed.
  • Subject focused staff meetings concentrate on improving all teachers’ subject knowledge, pedagogical knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge.
  • Because our school is three form entry we are fortunate to have a large team of teachers who have expertise and passion in a range of areas. Each teacher chooses an area of expertise per term and teaches the whole year group which results in every child being immersed in high quality learning experiences.
  • The Unicef Rights Respecting Schools Award threads through everything we do in our school. It helps develop children’s acceptance of difference and diversity, and provides them with a strong moral compass. Our Rights Respecting Schools Award gives children the best chance to lead happy, healthy lives and to be responsible, active citizens which links in with the British values that are also embedded into everything we do.
  • Children have regular opportunities to take part in learning beyond the classroom. This shows the importance placed on the wider curriculum e.g. subject specialist visitors, drama/dance workshops, author visits, sports coaching, choir/music performances, camps, forest schools and trips.
  • St Ursula’s uses the delivery of the ‘E-ACT Passport’ to enhance and complement the planned curriculum through exciting and engaging enrichment activities designed to give children life skills they will need to be successful members of modern Britain.
  • The maths curriculum provides pupils with daily challenge and opportunities to reason and problem solve by applying maths concepts.
  • There is a strong focus on e-safety awareness through assemblies run by both staff and children and top tips in the weekly newsletter. 
  • There are reading areas in every corridor that inspire a love of reading. Access to both scheme and real books further promotes reading throughout the academy and provides all children with access to a wide range of high quality books. We are currently developing a whole school library to be enjoyed by all children.
  • LifeSavers is a financial education programme for primary schools, giving children the knowledge, skills and attitudes to manage money well. We will be starting this club with one class in year 3 from July 2019 and aim to equip children with skills they will need beyond school. We will then roll this out to other year groups in the coming academic year.
  • Curriculum maps are shared with parents at the start of each term which are also shared on our school website.
  • Engaging parents/ carers in our St Ursula’s curriculum through events such as: open days, subject specific parent workshops, acquiring parent volunteers and music and drama performances. The Interim Headteacher meets with associate governors and class representatives termly.


  • Current attendance has been maintained at 96.6%. Our pupils love coming to school and enjoy learning.
  • Since term 1 2018, there have been no fixed term exclusions.
  • By the end of key stage 2, our pupils make well above average progress in both writing and maths.
  • In key stage 2, the percentage of pupils achieving a combined expected standard or higher is 83% which is 21% above the national average.
  • The percentage of pupils achieving a combined higher standard is 21%, which is 11% above the national average.
  • Through our broad, balanced and rich experiential curriculum we ensure that Fundamental British Values and SMSC are embedded. This often takes place during our Jigsaw curriculum PSHE sessions and assemblies as well as being woven into other subjects through cross curricular learning.
  • Our children have a rich, cultural heritage. We ensure that we celebrate this whilst at the same time address the issues and demands of modern Britain.
  • Pupils at St Ursula’s are engaged in their learning.
  • Recent feedback from class representative and associate governor meetings has been positive regarding communication being improved and content of the weekly newsletter i.e. class news which describes the learning taking place in classrooms each week.

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