4NM Passport Week Monday

Welcome to 4NM’s blog!

Now, we all thought it was going to be another normal, ordinary day at school yesterday. But, when we arrived Miss Matthews (our teacher) explained something while we were hanging up our bags and heading to our tables. It was passport week – where we would complete lots of fun, exciting activities!

Firstly, we went out on to the large, grassy field to run 4 laps (over the week we should achieve 8,000m). When we came back in, we identified the features of a blog and got the chance to read some real ones.

After break, we practiced the numbers 0 – 31 in French. Luckily, we had Nina’s French skills to help us with pronunciation! To help us recap we played games like 21 and bingo. Next, we listened to Three Little Birds by Bob Marley. Finding the pulse and swaying to the beat was fun, we even had a go at singing along to.

We started our afternoon with Yoga, which was Harry Potter themed. It was very fun, but some of the balancing moves were quite tricky! We ended the day with a scavenger hunt using our senses around the field and woodland area. Exploring and being outside in the sunshine was great fun!

Report back tomorrow, 4NM.




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