The Academy Day

In the mornings, when the whistle is blown at 8.50 am, pupils in Years 3 & 4 line up in the main playground. Pupils in Years 5 & 6 line up on the Reception Playground. Reception children and Years 1 & 2 can access their classrooms directly from 8.45 a.m.

At the end of the school day, pupils who are not staying for enrichment activities or clubs will be taken to an external door and looked after until they are collected by a known adult. KS1 pupils leave the school by their classroom door. Pupils in KS2 leave by the classroom door directly below their own classroom.

The table below shows a typical day for various year groups, although there will be variations to this on some days of the week and at various stages in the term:

 Foundation Stage  Years 1/2 - KS1 Year 3/4/5/6 - KS2
8.40Reception Teachers arrive at the classroom8.40
Teachers arrive at the classroom8.40Teachers arrive at the classroom
8.50Core Hours start8.50Core Hours start - Session 18.50Core Hours start - Session 1
10.50Session 210.50Session 2
12.30Core hours1.30Session 31.30Session 3
3.15Core hours finish3.20Core hours finish3.30Core hours finish
3.30Enrichment and clubs available3.30Enrichment and clubs available3.30Enrichment and clubs available
3.30Extension and out of school hours provision available3.30Extension and out of school hours provision available3.30Extension and out of school hours provision available
6.00End of extension provision6.00End of extension provision6.00End of extension provision


Parents are encouraged to provide their child with a healthy snack and/or drink for the morning break. A daily cooked lunch will be provided by Aspens caterers. Menus are posted on the website and via the Aspens App.

Autumn menu

Parents must inform the Class Teacher or the school office if their child has specific dietary requirements or allergies. Pupils who would prefer to bring a packed lunch to school, may do so.


Getting to and from School

We are fortunate to have an extensive school site and wonderful facilities, for children to enjoy and make full use of during the school day. The following arrangements are in place to make sure that our school environment is as safe and secure as reasonably practicable for ALL the children in school. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with these principles.


A reminder that it is not only illegal to park or to stop and drop off children on the yellow zig zags, but also endangers those children crossing the road at the school entrance.

Staff car park

Access to the car park is restricted for safety. Parents are not permitted to drive into the car park or the driveway at any time.

Bicycles, scooters and skateboards

Bicycles, scooters and skateboards are not to be ridden in the school grounds, including the driveway. Please make sure they are locked in the shelters and are clearly labelled with your child’s name. Scooters, bicycles and skateboards are left at the owner’s risk.

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