School Day 


Morning School and Registration 

Children are allowed into classrooms at 8:40am. (Children will be permitted on site at 8:30am and the caretaker and a member of the safeguarding team are normally on the school gate from 8:30am.) 

 Children arriving between 8.40am – 9am will be provided with a selection of reading books, have reading records out ready for checking, response to marking or a task written on the whiteboard. 

 Morning registration begins at 8.50am

 Children who arrive to school after 9:00am will need to come through the office where they will be marked into the late book.  The Attendance Officer (Neil Osborn) will update any late marks onto registers.  (A child arriving to class between 9:01am to 9:30am is marked as ‘late’.  A child arriving to school after 9:30am is marked at ‘unauthorised’.) 



EYFS and KS1 children enter through their classroom external doors.

KS2 children enter through the hall down from the EYFS playground.



EYFS and KS1 leave through their external doors.

Y3 from Y2 doors; Y4 from Y1 doors; Y5 from EYFS doors and Y6 leave from the front hall door. 


3.10 – EYFS and Y1/2  

3.20 – Y3/4 

3.20 – Y5/6 

During a Typical Week our school is open 32.5hrs a week.

 EYFS and KS1 classes hand the pupils over to the carer/SHINE member of staff personally, from their classroom doors. KS2 are to leave via the classroom directly below their own i.e. 3A to finish in 2A.

Year 5 and 6 children are allowed to walk home if mature enough and a written consent form has been submitted by the carer.  In the event of a year 5 or 6 pupil being considered too immature or vulnerable to walk home by themselves a meeting will be arranged between the school and the carer, even if a consent form has been submitted. Any pupils younger than year 5 and 6 are not permitted to walk home alone.  

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